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Representative Doug Collins of Georgia
The Repubs of today are the same Repubs that are in California. That is my state. I will not leave where I live because it is really a laid back area. For 20 years from 1990 to 2010 the Repubs in California had a stranglehold in state congress. This is at a time where you needed 2/3rds of a majority to get things done. So for 20 years our infrastructures deteriorate and left California virtually bankrupted in 2010 with 6 billion dollar debt.

Remember Kansas and the Republican experiment. It bankrupt them. When Brown took office he did things to make a fiscal conservative blush he turned around California around. We are now the 5 economic nation in the world. I voted for Brown because I knew what he has done in Oakland California, which was unbelievable, only do see Socialist Dellums turn it back to trash town.

Oh yes there are issues that are going on. Extreme socialism in San Francisco. Yes it is true. I won't go to that city at all. Silicon Valley and the crap going on there? Pretty much true as it is the same way down south in Hollywood/San Diego region. Some of that Repub strongholds. But there are places where a great deal of average people just wanting to do their thing and not be bothered by the politics. Housing going up? Yup but wherever there is a wealth hub, regardless where you live pricing will go up. I've checked Texas and I had to laugh on how expensive it is getting over there. For what you get I can go to the Central Valley and buy a nice home and be close to the hospital for my needs.

These comments are Repub talking head on how bad it is in California. BUT I already know how bad it is to live in the South. Literally your average life expectancy is at 3rd world rates. I've seen this first hand.

I also suggest you star clicking on the other stats. Then start connecting the dots. You are smart people. You don't need Uncle Charlie to hold your hand on this Wink

This is what happens in a totalitarian state. You have the lack of health care. Lack of real jobs. Lack of getting ahead. Lack of environmental control. Where it is Republican Controlled you see misery. When you see socialist views you see anarchy as well. San Francisco is in a lot of trouble but Silicon Valley is not.

40 million people live in California, making it a 1 for every 8 people living in the US residing here. Sure I can live anywhere in the US and live like a king, but I made my wealth here in California. And to to that you must want it otherwise you will fail.

My chances of surviving here in California are a hell a lot better because It's not a Republican Controlled state. That is the choice of Ignorance. And in my case...

To hell with that.
The Nicest Guy You Never Want To Meet.
You speak of healthcare.

The good people down at Emory University have been compiling data on HIV transmission and that story has been aired on our local news over the last week or so. Turns out that Georgia is one of the hotbeds of the nation in new cases of HIV.

Frankly, I'm not surprised. In this state they preach abstinence, not prevention. They teach faith, not science. It's that way in a lot of the deep South. Religion never wants to tackle a problem head on with science. They had rather "believe" it away through wishful thinking and blame "those people" (read as black inner city and LBGTQ) for all the problems.

Take a look at this map:

The dark red areas are where the transmission of HIV is the worst. Notice how HIV is far, far worse in the outlying, rural areas of the state rather than in the cities where most conservatives claim it to be.

What makes it worse is that it's totally preventable with this pill right here:

It's 99.9% effective in stopping the spread of HIV. That pill could literally kill aids in much the same way as the polio vaccine wiped out polio.

Well, it did until the right wing religious folks decided they didn't need vaccines anymore. Now it's all coming back.

It's simply soul shattering to me that we have this clear cut science of a problem and where it lies and how to defeat it completely, but due to a 4,000-year-old book and people's wanton ignorance and prejudice we simply refuse to do anything about it.
"You never realize how important character is in the presidency until you have a president without it." - Adam Schiff
Come on dude! Did you really expect anything different in the shithole south? I mean for fuck's sake - my state went ahead and put an outright ban on abortion. It's the only shit they care about. Nevermind the roads are falling apart the education system is a complete fucking shambles, crime is WAY past the point of getting out of hand. They don't give a shit. All they want to do is beat their fucking bibles, blame women, blacks and gays for every fucking thing and then play the fucking victim when people call them on it.

If my dad were still alive I'd kick him square in the balls for EVER bringing us to Alafuckingbama.

Scroll down to the map in the middle. It's actually 5 maps in 1. Scroll your arrows to the right or left, and you'll get 5 categories, study the map and if you have good eyes you can notice the counties in your states, you know.

This will show much, of why the south is they way it is.

noticed the 2nd map down in this article. (shorter read)

See, I read and heard recently that prior to the Civil War, that "did you know?" that the South was actually "Richer $" than the North ? It's true. Up until the Civil War, the South was actually making more money, and had more saved wealth in bank accounts ( of course that refers to the Plantation owners, big people of means, and the aristocrats of the south. People who were somebody! The wealthy of the South )

However, at some point after the Civil War, that immediately changed. I mean they had all that FREE LABOR, and the North made products and good from the Cotton, and other things the south made.
Well, the North came down and the Carpetbaggers, threw people off their property if they couldn't pay the newly levied taxes. Yankees came all over the south, raiding everything they could, legally, low-down, every way they could. You name it, they took it.

What was that clip from Gone with the Wind?
[Image: hugo-stiglitz-sig.png]
[Image: ELpMZIeWwAAL4GR.jpg:large]

Crybaby Doug Collins, is at it again today 12/17/2019

He's crying and raising hell about, "It's not fair."  Cause, the democrats are telling the truth on them, "he keeps saying you have too much power, blah, blah,, crying ! "

My blood pressure explodes! When Doug Collins is speaking! I hit the mute button immediately. I just can't stand it, he so damn annoying, " it's so obvious what he's doing it drive you nuts!"

His little "ploys" he uses to derail the discussion, stop the train, convolute, throw distractions, muffle the process, and his distortion of the facts. Doug Collins should actually apply to work for Fox News.
It so happens I was up at Jaemore Farms farmer's market today. (That's his neck of the woods and the people he represents.) An acquaintance of mine that works there had set up a dartboard with Collins' face on it over at the lunch counter.

I shot him a look as I ordered my usual (the homemade peach ice cream) and asked what was up with that and boy oh boy did he let him have it. I didn't even get my ice cream before 3 other people jumped into the conversation.

They're all just sick to death of him acting like a little brat. They all think the entire impeachment thing is a dog and pony show (which, ultimately, they're right as it is doomed to failure) but they just hate it that he represents them and he's as bad a spoiled brat crybaby as Trump is.
"You never realize how important character is in the presidency until you have a president without it." - Adam Schiff
That sounded like an interesting trip.

Peach ? cobbler and ice cream ? ? ? ? yummy.

And, a dart board to throw darts a Collins. Can’t beat that.
Yeah, it's a great place. If you don't like what's on the shelves, you can go out and pick it yourself out of the garden if they're harvesting.

People drive for 100 miles to go there. It's only about 38 miles for me though.
"You never realize how important character is in the presidency until you have a president without it." - Adam Schiff
I don't often read CNN, but this article bears reading so I'll post it here. It's an OP/ED from Mr. Preet Bharara addressed to Representative Doug Collins of Georgia. Here it is in its entirety:

(CNN) Dear Representative Doug Collins,

You are not my congressman, and while I am ever thankful for that fact, after seeing your performance on Fox News on Wednesday night, I'm not sure you are fit to be anyone's congressman. Specifically, I saw you blithely assert on national television that Democrats "are in love with terrorists. We see that they mourn Soleimani more than they mourn our Gold Star families."

No American is "in love" with terrorists or "mourns" the death of that Iranian general on an airstrip in Baghdad. Many of us do, however, mourn the death of decency, honesty and reason here at home.

I realize that you are a politician and that hyperbolic, hyperpartisan claptrap is the unfortunate fashion of the day. But even allowing for the new normal of nastiness in political rhetoric, your casual slur of countless good Americans hits a new bottom. Americans can, in good faith, differ about the legality or efficacy of killing Soleimani. That doesn't make them unpatriotic or lovers of terrorists. It is hostility to differences of opinion that is un-American.

I understand that politics is a tough racket. I served as a Democratic staffer in the US Senate. I get that terrorism is a threat. I prosecuted terrorists as a United States attorney, working just yards from Ground Zero. I know of the particular evil posed by Qasem Soleimani. My office prosecuted plots orchestrated by him and the Quds Force, including the conspiracy to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States in 2011.

So, I have some idea of what is at stake here when it comes to terrorism. As you well know, Congressman, terrorists do not kill Republicans or Democrats. They kill Americans.
You know what else is true? The prosecutors, law enforcement agents and intelligence officers who keep us safe from terrorism do not do so as Republicans or Democrats. They do so as Americans. The victims of terrorism — and their families — do not grieve as members of a political party. They do so as Americans.
You are not a talk radio host or a carnival barker. You are a pastor, an attorney and a sitting member of Congress. Therefore, the evidence would suggest you should know better. To utter such garbage, which you know to be false and defamatory, goes against all the training and teaching you must have received. But you got your cheap shot across, and perhaps that's all that matters to you.

To be clear, Congressman, I am not making some old and familiar naive call for a return to "civility" in our politics. I don't have much hope for that in the immediate future. I just want people like you to knock off the worst scurrilous nonsense. I'd hope that would be possible for a member of the House who happens to be the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee.
If we are going to come together, protect the homeland and heal the hearts of people who have suffered the scars of terrorism, we need our leaders to do better than lazy trash talk. 

Learn that volume and wisdom are not the same thing. 

You were elected to lead. Please give it a try.

Preet Bharara

As a resident of Georgia on the border with Collins' district, I could not possibly agree more.

Kudos, Mr. Bharara. Well said.

Full credit for article to CNN.
"You never realize how important character is in the presidency until you have a president without it." - Adam Schiff

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